G T Gajria Law Relating To Building And Engineering Contracts In India

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(Size: 24x16cms.), Contents: Preface to the Fourth Edition; Preface to the First Edition; Table of Contents; Table of Cases; Chapter 1. Contracts in General; Chapter 2. Definitions; Chapter 3. Duties of Architects, Engineers and Others; Chapter 4. Importance of Tenders, Estimates, Drawings in Building Contracts; Chapter 5. Words and Phrases Judicially Interpreted; Chapter 6. Performance of Contracts; Chapter 7. Extras; Chapter 8. Price and Payment; Chapter 9. Defective Work and its Consequences; Chapter 10. Approval and Certificates; Chapter 11. Breach of Contract; Chapter 12. Damages for Breach of Contract; Chapter 13. Forfeiture and Determination; Chapter 14. Materials, Plants and Machinery; Chapter 15. Assignments; Chapter 16. Substituted Contracts and Sub-Contractors; Chapter 17. Death, Illness, Bankruptcy and Liquidation; Chapter 18. Guarantees and Securities; Chapter 19. Limitation in General, Injuries to Persons and Property and Liability to Third Parties for Torts; Chapter 20. Arbitration: An Introduction; Chapter 21. Agreement; Chapter 22. Tribunal; Chapter 23. Award; Chapter 24. Role of Court in Arbitration; Chapter 25. Parties to the Arbitration Agreement; Chapter 26. Dispute Avoidance; Appendix 1. The Arbitration Act 1940; Appendix II. The Interest Act 1978; Appendix III. The English Arbitration Act of 1996; Appendix IV. The Arbitration and Conciliatio Act 1996; Index. ISBN:8187162163 cxiv+1538 Yr. of Pub.2000 Hard Bound English

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G T Gajria Law Relating To Building And Engineering Contracts In India
Kishore Gajria
Hard Bound
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