Generalized Theory of Electrical Machines

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(Size: 21.5x14cms.), Contents: Chapter 1. Elements of Generalized Theory; 2. Linear Transformation in Machines; 3. DC Machines; 4. Polyphase Synchronous Machines; 5. Polyphase Induction Machiens; 6. Single Phase Motors; 7. AC Commutators Machines; 8. Transformers; 9. Brushless DC, Variable-Reluctance and Stepping Motors; Appendix; Index. (11th rep. 2006, 12th rep. 2007, 13th rep. 2008, 16th rep. 2009, 18th rep. 2010, 20th rep-2011). ISBN: 1151 Yr. of Pub.2014 Paper Back English Khanna Publishers, Delhi

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Generalized Theory of Electrical Machines
Dr. P S Bimbhra
Paper Back
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