Indian Forestry: A Breakthrough Approach To Forest Service

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(Size: 23.5 x 18.5 cms.). Contents, 1 Silviculture, 2 Silviculture System, 3 Ecology of mangroves and Cold Desert, 4 Silviculture of Trees, 5 Agroforestry Social Forestry urban Forest and Joint Forest Management, 6 Tribology, 7 Forest Soils and its Management, 8 Soil and moisture Conservation, 9 Watershed Management, 10 Environmental Science, 11 Forest Tree Improvement and Biotechnology, 12 Forest Management, 13 Forest Working Plan. 13 Forest Munsuration, 15 Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS, 16 Forest Buildings, 17 Forest Roads, 18 Forest Surveying, 19 Forest Ecology, 20 Forest Resource Management, 21 Wood Technology, 22 Forest Protection, 23 Forest Legislation, 24 Forest Economics, 25 Wild Life Management, 26 Miscellaneous Information, References, Index. ISBN:9788183601740 818360174X viii+620 Yr. of Pub.2015 Paper Back English Jain Brothers, New Delhi

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Indian Forestry: A Breakthrough Approach To Forest Service
K Manikandan, S Prabhu
9788183601740 / 818360174X
Paper Back
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