Mechanical Vibrations And Noise Control

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(Size: 21.5x14cms.), Contents: Chapter 1. Basic Concepts of Vibrations; 2. Undamped Free Vibrations; 3. Damped Free Vibrations; 4. Forced Vibrations; 5. Whirling of Shafts; 6. Two-Degrees of Freedom Systems; 7. Multi-Degree of Freedom Systems; 8. Torsional Vibrations; 9. Approximate Methods; 10. Continuous Systems; 11. Miscellaneous Methods; 12. Non-Linear Vibrations; 13. Transient Vibrations; 14. Random Vibrations; 15. Vibration Control; 16. Noise Control; 17. Vibration and Noise Measurements; Appendix A. Formulate for Deflections of Beams; Appendix B. Laboratory Practice in Vibraions; Appendix C. Multi-Choice Questions; Glossary of Terms; Index. ISBN:9788174091673 817409167X xiii+630 Yr. of Pub.2010 Paper Back English Khanna Publishers, Delhi

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Mechanical Vibrations And Noise Control
Sadhu Singh
9788174091673 / 817409167X
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