Theory And Design of R C C Structures including limit state design

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(Size: 21.5x14cm.) Contents: 1. Plain Concrete; 2. Theory of Singly Reinforced RCC Beams; 3. Shear stresses in Beams; 4. Bond; 5. Design of Singly Reinforced; 6. Design of Lintels; 7. Slabs Spanning in One Direction Only; 8. Theory and Design of Doubly Reinforced Beam; 9. RCC T-Beams; 10. Design of Torsion; 11. Design of Two-way Slabs; 12. Design of Flat Slabs; 13. Design of Ribbed or Hollow Block RCC Slabs; 14. Design of Axially Loaded RCC Columns; 15. Direct and Bending Stresses; 16. Isolated Column Footing and Continuous Footing for Walls; 17. Design of Combined Footing; 18. Pile Foundations; 19. Design of Stairs; 20. Retaining Walls (Cantilever Type); 21. Design of Retaining Wall (Counter Fort Type); 22. Design of Dams; 23. Design of Water Tanks; 24. Design of Rectangular Tanks; 25. Design of Tank Supporting Towers; 26. Design of Intze Tank, 27. Design of Aqueduct, Bus Stop and Cantiliver Frame; 28. Bunkers and Silos; 29. Design of RCC Bridges; 30. Design of Portal Frame and Box Calvert; 31. Types and Design of Form Work; 32. Design of RCC Chimney; 33. Design of RCC Pipes; 34. Pre-stressed Concrete; 35. Ultimate Theory; 36. Limit State Method of Design; 37. Singly Reinforced RCC Beams; 38. Doubly Reinforced Beams; 39. RCC L and T Beams; 40. Limit State Design Shear, Torsion and Development Length; 41. Design of Beams and Slabs; 42. Design of Columns; Appendix. (4th ed. 2000, 5th ed. 2006) ISBN:9788180141515 8180141519 xv+1336 Yr. of Pub.2012 Paper Back English Standard Publishers and Dist., Delhi

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Theory And Design of R C C Structures including limit state design
Gurcharan Singh
9788180141515 / 8180141519
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