Theory of Machines and Mechanisms

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(Size: 24x18.5cms.), Content, Definitions and Basic Concept, 2 Motion and Inertia, 3 Velocities in Mechanism: Instantaneous Center Method, 4 Velocities in Mechanism: Velocities Polygons, 5 Acceleration in Mechanism-Acceleration Polygon Method, 6 Mechanism with Lower Pairs: Straight Line and Copying Devices, 7 Cams, 8 Gyroscope, 9 Friction, 10 Belt, Rope and Chain Drive, 11 Brakes and Dynamometers, 12 Toothed Gears, 13 Gear Trains, 14 Inertia Force Analysis in Machines, 15 Turning Moment Diagrams and Flywheel, 16 Governors, 17 Balancing of Rotating And Reciprocating Masses, 18 Mechanical Vibration, 19 Hooke's Joint Steering Gears-Trifilar Suspension, 20 Automotive-Vehicle Propulsion, 21 Introduction To Automatic Control, 22 Analysis of Mechanisms-Analytical Approach, 23 Introduction to Kinematic Synthesis, 24 Introduction to Computer Aided Analysis of Mechanisms, 25 Introduction to Computer-Aided Synthesis of Machines, Test Papers, Interconversion Tables, Index. ISBN:9788174091222 817409122X 1340 Yr. of Pub.2005 Paper Back English Khanna Publishers, Delhi

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Theory of Machines and Mechanisms
P L Ballaney
9788174091222 / 817409122X
Paper Back
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