Utilization Of Electric Power And Electric Traction

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Contents : Part- 1 Utilization of Electrical Power, (i) Electric Drive, (ii) Control Devices for Industrial Motors, (iii) Thirstier Control of Electric Motors, (iv) Motors for Particular Services, (v) Electric Heating, (vi) Electric Welding, (vii) Illumination Engineering, (viii) Electrolytic Processes, (ix) Refrigeration and Air - Conditioning, Part- 2 Electric Traction, (i) Traction System, (ii)Train Movement and Energy Consumption, (iii) Electric Traction Motors, (iv) Control of Traction Motors, (v) Braking : Mechanical Considerations and Control Equipment, (vi) Power Supply for Electric Traction, Part- 3 Economic Considerations, (i) Economic Considerations, (ii) Objective Questions with Answers, (iii) Index. ISBN:9788188458554 750 Yr. of Pub.2010 English

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Utilization Of Electric Power And Electric Traction
J B Gupta
9788188458554 / 8188458554
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