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Discounts, Offers and Reward Points

Minimum 1% Cash Back Offer as REWARD POINTS

Apart from usual discount you get minimum 1% cash back offer, i.e, 1 reward point for every  100 rupee spent on your purchase of books at You can encash these reward points anytime in your future purchase. For example if you have 100 reward points and total amount of your next order is Rs 500/- you can encash these hundred points while placing your new order. If you use entire hundred points, the total amount of your new order would become 500-100= Rs 400/- .

We offer upto 5% cashback on selected books.

So Shop more, Save more.



Upto 40% Discount 

We offer minimum 5% discount on all products. Discount is indicated along with product price. Higher the product cost, higher the discount we offer.  Maximum discount offered is 40% on select products.  Additional discount may be offered on bulk purchases and depends on total product quantity, total order amount (excluding shipping cost if any). This discount is offered through announcements on our website and other websites promoting