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Historical Archaeology Of Vidarbha

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From the archaeological point of view, Vidarbha, which lies in the extreme eastern part of Maharashtra, is distinct and rich, as there are enough evidences of proto-historic human settlements dating back to the chalcolithic period, around the first millennium bce. Keeping this in view, the present volume has attempted to showcase an archaeo-historical profile of the region, ranging from the 6th century bce to the 5th-6th century ce. The book endeavours to understand the Early Iron Age - Early Historic developments that took place in the region of Vidarbha. The aim of this book is to illuminate the historical archaeology of the region by studying the available archaeological, numismatic, epigraphic and literary data. An earnest effort has been made to provide an updated profile in the light of recent excavations and related works conducted thereafter. The book proposes for the first time the relationship between Asmaka Mahajanapada and early Iron Age Culture in Vidarbha. The author has also critically examined the Mauryan sphere of influence in the region. She has used unpublished numismatic data from the excavated site of Bhon for the reconstruction of the regional history. The volume re-examines various stages of history of the region from early state formation to de-urbanization during the Satavahana and Vakataka periods. In general, a serious attempt has been made to place Vidarbha in the cultural map of India during the early period and its importance in the process of state formation in the Deccan. The scholars interested in the study of historical archaeology of the Deccan in general, and the Vidarbha region in particular, will get fresh insights from this book, as it is an important milestone in the use of archaeo-historical approach in reconstructing the cultural history of a region. ISBN:9788173054211 204 Yr. of Pub.2012 Hard Bound English

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Historical Archaeology Of Vidarbha
Reshma Sawant
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Hard Bound
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