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Puratattva: Bulletin Of The Indian Archaeological Society, Vol 36: 2005-06

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Archaeological Theory: A Perspective from outside the Western Academy, Interpretation in Indian Stone Age Archaeology: Aryan Agro-Pastoralists in the Ganga Valley, The Interaction Networks of Pre/Early-Harappan Gujarat, Bhirrana Excavation-2005-6, Interpreting Rock Art, The Harappan Spoked Wheels Rattled Down the Street of Bhirrana, Dist. Fatehabad, Haryana, Further Excavations at Lahuradewa, Dist. Sant Kabir Nagar (UP) 2005-06, Excavations at Abhaipur 2005-06, Excavations at Ramnagar: Discovery of a Supporting Settlement of Ancient Varanasi, Anai: A Settlement in the Varuna Region, Excavation at Kopia 2006, The Copper Hoard Culture of the Indo-Gangetic Plains, An Archaeological Study along the Damodar-Ajay Interfluve in West Bengal, A Group of Temples at Kalna, Evidence of Dental Palaeopathology and Digenesis in the A.P Khatri Collection of Fossil Vertebrates in the Indraprastha Museum, New Delhi, Genetics and the Aryan Debate, On Perceiving Aryan Migrations in Vedic Ritual Texts, Excavations at Sanauli 2005-06, Materials and Techniques of Wall Painting of Rajasthan, Course of Vedic River Saraswati as Deciphered from Latest Satellite Data, Recent Exploration of Harappan Sites in Dist. Rohtak, haryana, Caps of the Early Settlers in the Sub-Basins of the Chambal River, Rajasthan, Excavations at Chandimau 2000-04, Subsistence Pattern in Mesolithic Communities of India, Copper Artifacts from Bagasra (Gola Dhoro), A harappan Site of Gujarat, Western India, Discovery of a Unique Wooden Seal from Khaparkhera, Dist. Dhar, M.P, Discovery of Pictorial-cum-Epigraphic Depictions of Performing local Rituals of the Ancient Magadha by the Traders/Travellers from Gandhara Region, Fresh Investigations in Early Chronology of Nalanda, Faunal remains from Agiabir, dt. Mirzapur, U.P, Cupule Occurrence in Goa, Parvatis Penance: An Unnoticed Sculpture from Bengal, Recent Discovery of a Chariot Shaped Shrine at Naland, Contemporary Indian and Ancient Iranian Bracelet (kada): A Comparison, Animal Representation in the Rock Art of Chotanagpur Plateau, New Copper Hoards from Rajsathan, Application of Remote Sensing in Archaeology with Special Reference to Study of Palaeochannels of River Varuna in Varanasi Dist., U.P, Understanding the Post-depositional Bone Modification Processes, Neoloithic axe from South Kerala, Book Reviews, Report of the XXXIX Annual Conference of Indian Archaeological Society held at M H Krishna Institute of Indology, Bangalore from 15th-18th December, 2005. ISBN: Yr. of Pub.2006 Hard Bound English

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Book Title:
Puratattva: Bulletin Of The Indian Archaeological Society, Vol 36: 2005-06
S P Gupta, K N Dikshit, K S Ramachandra, et al.
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Hard Bound
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