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Salman Rushdie An Anthology Of 21st Century Criticism

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Salman Rushdie, one of the progenitors of the worldwide controversies till date, occupies a coveted place in the galaxy of post-colonial authors. His literary expedition spans over four decades-- right from his maiden novel, Grimus (1975)--to the latest, Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights (2015). Rushdie adroitly situates postcolonial impressions of the Indian subcontinent and beautifully paints the canvas of fictions with multiple hues of ethnicity, Muslim imperialism and historical blend in the post-independence politics of India. The novels of Salman Rushdie are the true representatives of postcolonial fiction. The book offers fresh perspectives on Salman Rushdie. It contains seventeen critical essays that transverse through his literary taxonomy and bring out an incisive criticism. The papers reflect profoundly upon his fiction within the theoretical rubrics of post colonialism, orientalism, gender theory, Diaspora and identity. The book seeks to find how Rushdie is germane in twenty-first century politics of globalization, literary schema and cosmopolitanism.  9788126920976 Atlantic Publisher

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Salman Rushdie An Anthology Of 21st Century Criticism
Ajay K. Chaubey
9788126920976 / 8126920971
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