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The Walking Shiva Of Varanasi: Life Legends and Teachings of Trailingaswami

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(Size: 22x14cms.), Contents: Argument; Author's Preface; Foreword by swami Gokulananda; I. Introduction; II. The Birth of a Great Saint; III. Powers of a yogi-gestures of Grace and Compression; IV. The saint in kashi- mauni baba; V. The Saint in Panchagangaghat; VI. Devotee Umacharan's Experiences; VII. The Teachings: Guru and Sishya; VIII. Chittashuddhi; IX. Dharma; X. Upaasana; XI. Poorvajanma-Parajanma; XII. Aatma Bodha; XIII. Tanmayatwam; XIV. Saaroktuly; XV. Tatwajnaana; XVI. Eeshwar; XVII. Srishti; XVIII. Sansara; Appendix I: Important Dates; Appendix II: A Note on the history of telugu and trilinga desa; Appendix III. To VI; List of helpful books. (1st ed. 2004, 2nd ed. 2009) ISBN:9788190120081 8190120085 xiv+177 Yr. of Pub.2009 Paper Back English Richa Prakashan, New Delhi

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The Walking Shiva Of Varanasi: Life Legends and Teachings of Trailingaswami
V V B Rama Rao
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Paper Back
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